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COVID-19 UPDATE: Wednesday 8 April, 2020

Wednesday 8 April, 2020




Sadly, SA Health confirmed on 7 April that a 75-year-old man from metropolitan Adelaide passed away from COVID-19 in the Royal Adelaide Hospital on Monday 6 April.  The man had recently travelled interstate.

Despite the best efforts of the medical professionals and staff and the love and support of his family he passed away. 

The family have publicly implored all South Australians to abide by and comply with the advice and directions given by the government and police.



The state and federal governments have instructed that travel over the Easter weekend, 10-13 April 2020, is seriously discouraged.  Higher numbers of city dwellers travelling to and therefore increasing the numbers of people in regional areas can have a dramatic impact on the number of cases of COVID-19 in these areas. 

The Premier said in a statement on 4 April, “Non-essential travel means just that – please rethink your holidays. As hard as it is, we need to look after our entire community, across the whole state.”

Read the full statement here:


In other updates:

The Prime Minister held a press conference at Parliament House on Tuesday 7 April, 2020 following a National Cabinet meeting. 

The National Cabinet agreed that states and territories would implement the attached mandatory Code of Conduct (the Code), including via legislation or regulation as appropriate, to implement the principles agreed on Friday 3 April. The Code builds on the draft codes submitted by landlord and tenant representative bodies in the commercial property sector.

Read the media release:


Also presented at the press conference on Tuesday 7 April, 2020, the first set of theoretical scenario modelling was released to inform how Australia is preparing our health system, including our Intensive Care Units (ICUs), for coronavirus. A summary of the modelling is attached to the media release below, and the modellers will release a technical paper on the data on Wednesday 8 April.

While the modelling does not show how the virus will move through our community, it tells us some important things including that we would have been overwhelmed if we had not reduced the number of travellers and introduced public health measures.

Read the media release:


Investigations are ongoing into the cluster of cases identified at Adelaide Airport and one additional case in a baggage handler has been identified since yesterday, bringing the total number to 29.  Read more:


The Women’s and Children’s Hospital has opened more high dependency beds and is training about 80 nurses to work in high-level care settings, as part of its coronavirus response.  Read more:


SA Health has produced a new children’s COVID-19 book named ‘Hi. This is coronavirus’ to help explain to South Australian children about coronavirus and the changes they are having to endure as a result of the current situation.  The book and other resources for parents and children are available on the SA Health website:


SA Health is your trusted source for information on COVID-19.

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