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Diggers Tribute – Helping veteran charities in your community

Friday 24 April, 2020

With veteran fundraisers forced off the streets by COVID-19 restrictions in the lead up to Anzac Day, Diggers Tribute is asking people to go online to support their local veterans and families.

At people can connect with veteran charities; find out about COVID-19 compliant Anzac Day events, or simply get their traditional Anzac Day and veteran supporter products online.

Social distancing is making life tough for all of us, but for our local veteran charities this in the time of year when they are usually out raising funds to look after the veterans in our community.

The disruption to charity fundraising is just part of the impact the community is facing because of COVID-19 this Anzac Day.  For the first time in more than 100 years Anzac Day dawn services are closed to the public and all marches are cancelled. The last time this happened it was in response to the ‘Spanish flu’ pandemic which reached Australia at the end of the Great War. In 1919, despite quarantines and cancellations of mass gatherings like Anzac Day services, cases emerged in the community and around 40 per cent of Australians eventually fell ill. Some 15,000 died.

Our social distancing measures are in place to slow the coronavirus spread so that we can better manage and help those who do fall ill, but the restrictions, including limited access to aged care facilities, could be particularly hard on veterans this Anzac Day.

With these necessary but sometimes difficult social distancing measures in place this is going to be a tough time for our veterans and their families. For our older diggers it could be a sad time when they would normally be out catching up with mates and sharing the comradery that only those who have served will fully appreciate.

While we cannot do what we have always done to show our gratitude for their service, we still want to show our respect and to honour the memory of all who served.

We encourage the community to be part of making this Anzac Day – the one we couldn’t have – the one we will always remember. Share your message of support for our veterans and get behind the charities that look out for them and their families.

People can go online at to find out how we can commemorate Anzac Day as a community that stands apart, but which stands united in spirit.


What is Diggers Tribute?

Diggers Tribute is an online facility to connect communities with opportunities to support our veteran charities forced to abandon traditional street fundraising because of COVID-19 restrictions. At people can donate directly to a charity, buy traditional Anzac Day fundraising pieces, leave messages of support, or join Anzac Day community events that respect COVID-19 social distancing.


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