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Federal Grant Programs

Veteran & Community Grants

Veteran and Community Grants are for activities and services which improve the health and wellbeing of members of the veteran community.

For example, the grant can provide seed funding for projects which promote a healthy lifestyle or help veterans to remain living independently in their own homes. They can also fund programs to reduce social isolation, support carers and improve access to community services.

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Building Excellence in Support & Training Grants

Building Excellence in Support and Training (BEST) grants support ex-service organisations (ESOs) in providing compensation and welfare assistance to the Defence and veteran communities.

These grants are calculated using a formula based on each eligible organisation’s advocacy workload, calculated as a percentage of the national workload. This percentage is then used to determine that organisations share of the available funding.

This grants program links closely with the Advocacy Training and Development Program, which provides training, support and accreditation for advocates.

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Grants-In-Aid are for projects and activities that:

  • encourage cooperation and communication between the ex-service community, ex-service organisations and the Australian Government
  • encourage cooperation and communication between national ex-service organisations and their branches, sub-branches and affiliated organisations, and/or
  • support their branches, sub-branches and affiliated organisations in providing advocacy services to the veteran and defence communities.

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Long Tan Bursary

The Long Tan Bursary scheme was established to help eligible children of Vietnam veterans meet the cost of post-secondary education.

Thirty seven (37) bursaries, worth $12,000 for each recipient and paid over three years, are awarded each year to successful applicants from each state and territory. The scheme is administered by the Australian Veterans’ Children Assistance Trust on behalf of DVA.

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Saluting Their Service Commemorative Grants Program

The Australian Government is inviting applications through an open competitive process to apply for grant funding during the 2019-20 financial year under the Saluting Their Service Commemorative Grants Program (the program).

The program aims to preserve Australia’s wartime heritage and involve people around the nation in a wide range of projects and activities that highlight the service and sacrifice of Australia’s service personnel in wars, conflicts and peace operations. Projects and activities should promote appreciation and understanding of the experiences of service and the roles that those who served have played in shaping the nation.

There are two categories of grants available under the program:

  1. Community Grants (STS-CG) – Grants to a maximum of $10,000 are available for local, community-based projects and activities.
  2. Major Grants (STS-MG) – Grants between $10,001 and $150,000 are available for major commemorative projects and activities that are significant from a national, state, territory and/or regional perspective.

For the intended outcomes of the grant opportunity, refer to the Grant Opportunity Guidelines.

If your project involves restoring/changing a memorial, there may be heritage considerations. Information is available from your state or territory government heritage body, or at the Department of Veterans’ Affairs website.

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Supporting Younger Veterans Grants Program

Supporting Younger Veterans Grants are to assist younger veterans as they leave the Australian Defence Force and integrate back into civilian life, with all the challenges that accompany that unique transition.

The Supporting Younger Veterans Grants program provides $4.25 million over five years to ex-service organisations to encourage partnerships that will deliver innovative and sustainable services for younger veterans and build community capacity to meet the needs of younger veterans. The grants will also help raise awareness of the important issues faced by younger veterans.

Funding can be used to deliver projects and activities that do any or all of the following:

  • develop capability in the veteran community to service the unique needs of younger veterans
  • support the development of well-researched and tailored services for younger veterans
  • fund organisations that can deliver sustainable services to younger veterans now and into the future
  • increase collaboration among organisations to expand services and harness existing expertise
  • increase awareness of younger veteran issues and/or services in the Australian and veteran communities, where doing so would benefit younger veterans

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