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Contribute to the Anzac Centenary SA Time Capsule!

It is our hope to encourage as many South Australian’s as possible to engage with the Anzac Centenary over the next four years by contributing to this website and to the social media platforms listed below.

Not only is it our aim to make this website and associated social media platforms the ‘go to place’ for information about Anzac Centenary events and activities for South Australians, it is also our aim to create a content rich collection of contributions that will form a digital record of what the Anzac Centenary means to South Australians in 2015.

By contributing your thoughts, images, stories and comments, you become part of the Anzac Centenary South Australia Time Capsule to be re-opened by future generations of South Australians, 100 years from now (2114) at the Bi-Centenary of Anzac, to reveal a rich and unique collection of commemorative reflections on Anzac from a purely South Australian point of view.

We encourage you, your family and your friends to contribute via the channels and handles listed below:

User Code of Conduct

By joining the Anzac Centenary South Australia community, you agree to comply with this User Code of Conduct, as set out below, when uploading material  to this website and associated social media sites. This includes complying with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube terms and conditions of use.

To make a constructive environment conducive to exchange and engagement of information around the Anzac Centenary, we’ve outlined below what you should and shouldn’t do on this website or on associated social media sites.

By posting material to this website and/or associated social media sites you agree to the following:

I will:

  1. share my ideas and opinions, comment on others’ ideas and make the most of this opportunity to have my say on the Anzac Centenary
  2. only submit posts, or contributions on my own behalf, and will not impersonate another person
  3. ask questions if I am unclear about anything and clarify my questions with the moderator
  4. make sure I have permission from an appropriate authority to post anything on the website including photos of other people, videos, art works and articles
  5. only make posts, votes or contributions that I know to be true and not include any misleading or deceptive material
  6. confirm that my name and contact details are correct and I am not misleading Anzac Centenary South Australia, including by using a fake or temporary email address
  7. use language that is not offensive, insulting or threatening
  8. only post material on this website and associated social media sites that is suitable for anyone to view, including young children. I will keep it G-rated
  9. only post material once to the website and associated social media sites and will not send multiple copies or versions
  10. keep my private details private and will not post my email address, contact details or private information on this website or associated social media sites
  11. keep the private details of others private and will not post anyone else’s private email address or contact details, nor impersonate anyone else or falsely represent someone
  12. stay on topic – my contributions to the website and associated social media sites will be relevant to the topic and/or discussion
  13. agree that Anzac Centenary South Australia website and associated social media sites and the South Australian Government assume no responsibility and have no liability for inaccurate, offensive or inappropriate content on the site, and have no obligation to modify content that I consider inaccurate, offensive or inappropriate
  14. report any content on the site that is offensive or inappropriate
  15. acknowledge that the website administrators have no obligation to monitor or resolve disputes between me and other users
  16. agree that if I subscribe to this website, my email address can be retained by the administrators (Veterans SA) and will be used to send me Veterans SA/Anzac Centenary relevant notices and e-newsletters, which I can expect to receive in my email inbox approximately 2 times per week.

I will not use this website and associated social media sites:

  1. to abuse, stalk, harass or threaten others
  2. to incite hatred on the basis of race, religion, gender, nationality, sexual orientation or other personal characteristics
  3. to conduct any illegal activity or encourage any illegal activity or depict nudity, or in any way any obscene, violent, harassing, sexually explicit or other objectionable subject matter
  4. for any purpose that could be defamatory, or abusive including any material that is indecent or libelous or in any way prevents others from enjoying the website
  5. to contribute material that contains links to any commercial advertising material.

The South Australian Government does not necessarily support or condone all discussions on this website or associated social media sites.

The website and associated social media administrators:

  1. retain the right to determine, at our discretion, which comments, votes or contributions violate our User Code of Conduct
  2. reserve the right to remove violations. We expect all contributors to be respectful of each other and to comply with the Users Code of Conduct both in spirit and in the use of language
  3. reserve the right to remove defamatory comments where they are identified
  4. will assess all reports of inappropriate comments and respond accordingly
  5. will moderate contributions made to this website and associated social media sites on a daily basis to ensure any material considered offensive is removed as soon as possible so as not to offend other users.


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