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COVID-19 Travel Advice 22 March 2020

The State Government has taken unprecedented action in response to the coronavirus pandemic requiring all people entering South Australia to isolate for 14-days from their arrival. 

This will apply immediately to South Australians, other Australians and other travellers, and will be supported by border control from Tuesday 24 March at 4pm.

The measure, which was recommended by Chief Public Health Officer Nicola Spurrier, will include exemptions for essential travel to maintain health, the food supply chain, and the State’s economic needs.

The move will help delay community transmission of the disease which is happening in other parts of Australia, in particular the eastern states.


Exemptions will apply for essential transport including:

  • health and medical supplies
  • health workers, health personnel and patients
  • food and commercial supply chains (i.e. the carrying of goods),
  • near border interactions
  • travel of a relative/carer of a dependant individual
  • emergency services.

Other travellers (for example fly-in-fly-out workers in the mining industry or national level sporting teams) could be exempt from this provision provided they have approved disease control mechanisms in place.

SAPOL will continue to conduct random checks to ensure those required to self-isolate are doing so.

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