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Hubdate December 2019

Money is probably one of the greatest causes of stress and tension for most of us and can have a significant impact on our relationships and quality of life particularly if we are living in a world of debt. Mortgage stress accounts for a large proportion of our financial woes as we spend a significant amount on repayments and associated costs involved with buying a home. Add to this the cost of living and the stagnant wages environment, rising costs of electricity, fuel and other necessities and you can soon find yourself in what can seem to be a hopeless cycle.

The Hub has experienced first-hand the impact that financial stress can have on veterans and their families and one of our highest priorities after opening was to establish a free financial counselling service. Uniting Care at Gawler came to the rescue by providing their counselling service at the Hub through a gentleman by the name of Alan Murray.  Alan, a former ADF member himself, was very enthusiastic about offering the free service to veterans and their families as a way of giving back to our community. We are now able to make appointments with Alan here at the Hub which can cut down the wasted travel time that our customers might spend driving to and from this service. Financial advice offered by Alan can cover everything from debt consolidation and advocacy with creditors to setting up a weekly budget, savings plan and tools and techniques to manage outgoings. Appointments can be booked by contacting the Hub either by phone or email.

What if your levels of debt are out of control and you now fear opening those window envelopes or answering the phone because it could be the debt collector at the other end of the line? Maybe you need someone to manage your finances completely and if that’s the case we can connect you with a business that can do just that. The Financial Managers located in Magill are owned and operated by two ladies who have a real passion for helping others. Angie Bonavia and Jude Searles have created this business from scratch and have assisted hundreds of clients to get out of debt and back into the black including quite a few veterans. Jude, whose husband still serves in the Army, has a very sound understanding of the Defence community and the culture of defence life including those regular postings and the difficulties faced by families during deployments.

The Financial Managers are a fee for service business but they can manage every aspect of your finances including those bill payments and liaising with creditors to create payment plans and even extinguishing some debts completely. There are plenty of examples of clients who have been in significant financial stress and within a reasonably short period have been able to get out of debt and even put money aside for a holiday. Worth the phone call if you feel this sort of assistance might help.

So what about saving for the future, creating an investment portfolio or minimising your tax liabilities through effective investments? The Hub has connected with Chris Scriva from Owl Financial Management to provide options for current and former serving members to manage their finances to create personal wealth using a number of tried and proven strategies. Chris has been working with members of the veteran community for a number of years and is conversant with the majority of Government and DVA policies regarding CommSuper and DVA compensation. It pays to start early when it comes to creating future wealth and Chris can provide sound advice across all facets of wealth creation and management.

These contacts are just a few options available to you and we encourage you to seek advice from multiple sources before you choose a financial service provider.


If you or someone you know would like to access any of these financial services or any of the other support services available at the Hub or just need contact details for other supporting organisations make sure you contact me on 0418 264 886 or email me at

Justin Brown,

Partnerships Hub Coordinator


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