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Social Media Code of Conduct

Social Media Code of Conduct & terms and conditions of use 

Veterans SA uses social media channels to distribute information, alerts, news and event updates. In certain circumstances, for example during State emergencies, Veterans SA may also use social media to inform the public and other interested parties.

Content management

The social media sites are managed by Veterans SA

Veterans SA also uses other information channels and does not solely release news and announcements via social media.


Veterans SA updates and monitors its social media sites during business hours.

The social media sites used by Veterans SA may occasionally be unavailable and Veterans SA accepts no responsibility for lack of service due to their downtime.  


Veterans SA does not automatically follow organisations or individuals who follow it.

Being followed by Veterans SA does not imply endorsement of any kind.

Comments, replies and direct messages

Veterans SA welcomes feedback from its followers.

Veterans SA reads all comments, replies and direct messages and ensures that any emerging themes or helpful suggestions are forwarded to the relevant people in the organisation.

Veterans SA is not able to reply individually to all messages received and where common topics and requests exist, Veterans SA may issue a general notification.

Veterans SA does not engage on issues of State or Federal politics, nor does it provide individual advice.

In an emergency call 000

Retweeting and Sharing

Veterans SA may retweet and share content that contributes to the dissemination and exchange of useful information about veterans and related topics.

Veterans SA considers requests to retweet or share on a case‑by‑case basis. Retweets are not endorsements.


Veterans SA captures and stores records of comments posted to its social media sites for records management purposes.

Veterans SA does not capture or record the contact details of parties following its social media sites unless the information is provided for direct contact purposes.


In addition to the Veterans SA website disclaimer, the following conditions apply:

  1. All messages on social media sites should be considered public and visible to all for review, comment and share.
  2. Veterans SA reserves the right to amend, delete or block derogatory, offensive or defamatory material posted on any of its social media channels.
  3. Content posted by members of the public or organisations do not represent the official view of Veterans SA.
  4. Information posted on any of Veterans SA’s social media channels is not intended to be individual advice or recommendations and should not be considered as such.

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