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Centenary of Anzac Website Launched

Thursday 2 April, 2015

A new website commemorating the centenary of Anzac has been launched today.

Minister for Veterans’ Affairs Martin Hamilton-Smith said the website was launched to remember all of the courageous South Australian men and women who served during all wars, conflicts and peace operations over the last 100 years.

It is a collaborative project between Veterans SA – Anzac Centenary Coordination Unit and organisations such as the State Library of South Australia, History SA, Returned and Services League SA, Legacy, Defence community and local governments.

It includes;

  • personal updates from the visit to Gallipoli by 22 South Australian students, recipients of the Premier’s Anzac School Prize
  • an easy to access list of community events
  • lesser known stories such as the first Gallipoli Memorial being unveiled on South Tce in September 1915

“Over the Anzac Centenary period all Australians will be encouraged to reflect upon and learn more about our military history, its costs and its impacts on us, as a state and as a nation,” Mr Hamilton-Smith said.

“On the website you’ll find many South Australian stories, historical and community events calendars, think pieces by academics, historians and military experts, information on State and Federal Grants and competitions.

“As we learn more about individual stories, often re-told via family members, friends and the community, we gain a greater insight into the impact of these experiences.

“I invite you to contribute to this site so that future generations can look back to see how South Australian’s reflected on the Centenary of Anzac in 2015.”

Contributions can include audio and video recordings, written reflections, artwork and photos of people, memorabilia, and events relevant to the Anzac Centenary for South Australia.

Mr Hamilton-Smith said the Anzac Centenary website would become a time capsule for South Australia.

“This means that the content on the website will be ‘harvested’ in 2018 to be revisited at the Bicentenary of Anzac in 2115 by future generations,” he said.

“Currently there is over 70 community events registered on the site and South Australians are encouraged to register their events and activities and engage with the site throughout the entire four year period of the Centenary of Anzac.

“Not only is the website a ‘go to place’ for information about events and activities, but it is an interactive content rich site that will reveal a unique collection of commemorative reflections from a purely South Australian point of view.”

Connected to the website is a Anzac Centenary South Australia Facebook page, along with an Instagram page (Anzac_Centenary_SA) and a Twitter account (@Anzac_100_SA), which will be updated regularly with Anzac Centenary information and events.

South Australian’s are encouraged to register their interest in receiving updates and becoming involved in the Anzac Centenary.

The Anzac Centenary website for South Australia was designed and developed by Freerange Future.

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