In 2008, the South Australian Government was the first state jurisdiction to recognise the importance of a state-based Veterans’ Affairs portfolio and as a result Veterans SA was established.

We envisage a strong, vibrant, well-supported and represented veteran community, inclusive of all generations that is understood and acknowledged by all South Australians.

As the lead advocate across the South Australian Government on matters relating to veterans and their families, Veterans SA works with ex-service organisations and civic groups that provide support to members of the community when and where it is needed most.

The agency also plays a role in sharing information about services, programs and opportunities across South Australia that are available to those who have served in the Australian Defence Force and their families.

Veterans SA works with the veteran community to ensure commemoration activities are supported and that occasions of military and historical significance are remembered and preserved for all South Australians.

Veterans SA supports the Veterans’ Advisory Council, which provides independent advice to the Minister, on matters of concern to the ex-service community in South Australia.

What defines a veteran?

A “veteran” is a person who is serving or has served in the Australian Defence Force as a Regular/permanent or Reserve/part-time member.

What defines the veteran community?

The “veteran community” is inclusive of veterans and their families with a direct link to a Service or a veteran.  This includes spouses, widows, widowers, partners, former partners, carers, children, parents, siblings and relatives of serving or ex-serving members, and should include anyone with an evident link to, or interest in, matters associated with veterans’ welfare or wellbeing.