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RSL Care SA increasing provisions at Repat site

Tuesday 14 June, 2016

RSL Care SA is increasing the provision of accommodation, care and support services for the benefit of the ex-service and wider community of South Australia through the Repat.

RSL Care SA are pleased to announce that RSL Care SA, through a consortium consisting of RSL SA and RSL LifeCare, have been successful in a bid for the Repat site.

RSL Repat Park, as it will be known, will retain the ‘spirit’ of the Repat, with a strong focus on Australia’s veterans while being open and welcoming to the general community. RSL Repat Park will be a Veteran and Community Centre of Excellence that will honour over 70 years of veteran service at the site.

Handover of the Repat site will occur in late 2017, and during that time, RSL Care SA will be working closely with the state government, RSL LifeCare who has extensive experience developing large and complex developments, and the RSL SA. RSL LifeCare developed the RSL Anzac Village in Narabeen, New South Wales which has 500 homes and an array of facilities and amenities set on more than 100 acres.

Our core business is providing accommodation, personalised care and support for the benefit of the ex-service and wider community of South Australia which we have done for the past 100 years. We will continue to provide these services to the highest standards, and we look forward to contributing this significant experience to our new endeavour at RSL Repat Park.




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