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Veteran support program gets leg up from DTC and Uni SA

Friday 25 May, 2018

Veteran support program StoryRight, in collaboration with the Defence Teaming Centre (DTC) and the University of South Australia, have teamed up to support veterans looking to get back into the workforce.

DTC and Uni SA this week provided the Veteran Employment Support Program with a networking platform for StoryRight graduates to practice their communications skills and future employment pitch. The graduates from the inaugural program attended the DTC networking event ‘BD After Five’ in Adelaide to learn how to network and discuss their career plans with leaders in the defence industry.

Margot Forster, DTC chief executive, said the program gives veterans an opportunity to develop communication skills to pitch their strengths to potential employers.

“DTC is proud to support StoryRight. This program is different in that it focuses solely on providing veterans with communication and presentation skills necessary to explain their strengths and experience to gain civilian employment. This is a crucial skill missing or underdeveloped in our veterans. DTC is very excited to be able to provide networking opportunities, such as BD After Five for StoryRight graduates to practice their new skills,” Forster said.

Dr Sharon Mascall-Dare, founder of the StoryRight Program, is committed to helping others achieve their personal and professional goals in collaboration with like-minded veterans. She said the goal of StoryRight is to help participants develop a strong personal narrative and learn how to present their military skills and experience effectively in a civilian context.

“StoryRight’s mission is to empower veterans one story at a time,” said Dr Mascall-Dare. “While the project has relevance for anyone experiencing transition, the purpose of StoryRight is to provide practical communication training to veterans of all ages entering the civilian workplace, supporting their personal and professional development.”

“StoryRight is delighted to partner with the Defence Teaming Centre to provide graduates with valuable networking opportunities as part of DTC’s dynamic, welcoming and diverse community.”

Through workshops and mentoring, StoryRight offers training in both communications and presentation skills. It is offered to veterans in partnership with the University of South Australia’s School of Creative Industries and the Catalyst Foundation on a not-for-profit basis.

“Industry perception of veterans is changing very quickly; astute employers in the defence industry recognise veterans as an asset to their business; bringing to the table unique leadership skills and a deep understanding of the value of teamwork,” said Forster.

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