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The Road Home Art Therapy Program

Thursday 2 August, 2018

Are you a veteran or emergency services worker who is interested in trying art therapy?  Get in touch with The Road home.

Art therapy is offered through The Road Home Well-being Program, specifically designed for veterans and emergency service personnel who have been injured physically and or mentally as a result of their job.

Using colour, line and shape on paper or tactile mediums like clay, sand and water, art therapy allows for expression of thoughts, feelings and perceptions for personal insight.

Trauma-informed Art Therapy practice developed specifically for Veterans and emergency service personnel is being offered as a one to one individual session by practicing Art Therapist Karin Foxwell, at The Jamie Larcombe Centre on Mondays and Thursdays.

Note:  GP or treating doctor referral required.

For more information about art therapy or if you would like to book in for an appointment, contact Karin Foxwell, Accredited Art Therapist, The Road Home on 08 7002 0880 or email

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