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It is Rod’s and my pleasure to join you to officially launch the 2024 Veterans SA Career and Business Mentoring Program. I trust you have all had a productive induction session.

As Governor, and also patron of the RSL and several other veterans organisations, I am committed to supporting those who serve and have served our nation in any way I can.

Australians owe a great debt to our service men and women, who have shown commitment, resilience, courage, and sadly, sometimes, sacrifice.

It is our obligation as a nation and a community to invest in their future and assist them – to assist you – in making the transition to civilian life a successful one.

Undoubtedly there are challenges to be overcome: the uncertainties of civilian life, the need to set realistic goals, adjust mindsets, understand the language of the civilian workplace, translate military skills to the workforce, have confidence in yourselves.

Rest assured that there are people and mechanisms to assist you to do this.

Rest assured the skills and experience that veterans and Defence spouses gain through Defence life are valuable to workplaces, the business community, and community organisations, as they should be.

As former diplomat I know the value of, and the strength gained, from one-to-one interactions and sharing of experience and knowledge.

And that is at the very heart of the Veterans SA Career and Business Mentoring Program.

I congratulate all the mentees and mentors for taking part.

Now in its third year, the program has assisted 35 participants who were current and former serving ADF members, Reservists, and partners of current and former ADF members.

But numbers aside, there are, of course, the personal stories which you will hear.

The story of Dave, an Army veteran of eight years and current Reservist, who joined the program to think about his career longer term and consider different and flexible options for career progression.

It enabled him to recognise the value of the skills he acquired through service and how relevant they are in a civilian role. He gained confidence to step out of his comfort zone, particularly when networking.

The story of Elise, the spouse of a serving Air Force member who relocated to Adelaide after an international posting and was working in management for a remote contracting company.

Through the program, she was able to identify suitable career paths, gained the confidence to apply for a new position, and has successfully transitioned to a new role with a large Superannuation Fund.

The story of Glen, an Air Force veteran of 30 years who now has a successful career within the defence industry. As a two-time mentor, he has provided unique guidance about his learnings and some mistakes he made along the way – which we all do. He finds being a mentor extremely rewarding, with his previous mentee securing a new role.


I thank the mentors from the business sector who generously give of their expertise, insights, and encouragement.

Thank you to those mentors who, like Glen are former serving ADF members, for giving back in your post-service lives, providing a unique perspective.

I congratulate the mentees for taking up the opportunity of a stepping stone to new endeavours – whether that’s a new job, starting your own business, or gaining funding or scholarships to develop robust ideas and plans.

And I thank Veterans SA for its stewardship of this valuable program.

I wish everyone all the best for your participation in the program and look forward to your own stories becoming part of the narrative.

Long may the program serve those who served.

This information has been sourced from Government House Adelaide