Who Is Eligible To Apply?

Organisations are eligible to apply if they are:

  • An incorporated organisation established for the purpose of helping or supporting, or having a membership consisting of or including, veterans or dependants of veterans. This includes ex-service organisations.
  • A local government authority, a school, or an incorporated not for profit organisation, provided that the applicant’s project has the purpose of educating the community about the significance of ANZAC Day or conducting commemoration services on ANZAC Day.

In addition, applicant organisations must:

  • Have an ABN
  • Have met requirements for any previous grants received from Veterans SA, such as acquitting or reporting on grants.

Organisations not meeting these requirements, such as unincorporated organisations, may partner with a lead applicant which meets eligibility requirements.

Applications must be authorised by an appropriate executive member of the organisation.  Incomplete applications may not be accepted.

An applicant may only submit one application.  Should an applicant submit two or more applications, all those applications may be deemed ineligible.

How Much Can I Apply For?

There is no minimum amount required for an application. The grant process is competitive and applications may be funded in full, be partially-funded or not be funded at all.

When are Applications Due?

Applications are due by 5.00pm in Adelaide on Wednesday, 3 November 2021.  Late applications may not be accepted.

What Is the Grant Assessment Process?

Applications will be accepted until 5.00pm in Adelaide on Wednesday, 3 November 2021. After you submit an application, Veterans SA will acknowledge receipt of your application by email.

Stage One – Application Screening

Once the round has closed, Veterans SA will screen all applications to check that:

  • The applicant and project are eligible.  Ineligible applicants or projects will not be progressed to assessment.
  • The application has been completed in full and all supporting documentation has been provided.  Incomplete applications may not be progressed further.
  • The applicant does not have any outstanding obligations for previously awarded grants. Applicants with outstanding obligations may not be progressed further.

Stage Two – Assessment against Criteria

Applications that progress to stage two will be assessed by a Sub-Committee of the Veterans’ Advisory Council. The Sub-Committee will assess each application on merit, based on how well it meets the evaluation criteria and how it compares to other applications.  The Sub-Committee will seek endorsement from the Veterans’ Advisory Council to progress recommendations to the Premier.

The Veterans’ Advisory Council will then make recommendations to the Premier on each application.  The Veterans’ Advisory Council may recommend an application be funded in full, be partially-funded or not be funded at all.

The Premier will consider the recommendations of the Veterans’ Advisory Council. The Premier will approve how the Fund will be applied for 2021-22.

At any stage during the process, applicants may be contacted for clarification.

How Do I Submit My Application?

Applications must to be submitted via the online SmartyGrants portal.  The link for the portal and a user guide with instructions on how to submit an application are available on the Veterans SA website at vsa.ptdev.co/programs-events/grants-programs/state-grant-program/.

Applications that are submitted outside of SmartyGrants without prior approval from Veterans SA may not be considered.  Please contact Clare Hennessy at Veterans SA by email at ANZACFundApplications@sa.gov.au or phone 8226 8541 before the closing date and time should you experience difficulties with the online form or are unable to submit your application online.

What Other Funding Options Are Available?

The ANZAC Day Commemoration Fund is only one funding option.  Check with your local council to see if your project aligns with any of its grant programs.

The Government of South Australia has a number of grant opportunities, with many listed on www.grantassist.sa.gov.au.

The Department of Veterans’ Affairs manages a number of grants, including the Saluting Their Service Commemorative Grants Program.  See  www.dva.gov.au/about-us/overview/consultations-and-grants/grants-and-bursaries.

Please see more in the Grant Guidelines here.