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Veteran Concession Cards

The Department of Veterans’ Affairs funds a range of health services that are clinically required to treat your particular health conditions.   For more information about the health services available to the Veteran community, click here.

DVA issues health cards to eligible veterans and former members of the Australian Defence Force (ADF), their widow(er)s and dependants. There are different eligibility requirements for each type of card.

A summary of the cards issued by DVA are as follows.  More detailed information can be found at


Gold Card

‘DVA Health Card – All Conditions within Australia’ and ‘DVA Health Card — Totally & Permanently Incapacitated’ gives you access to a wide range of public and private health care services, for the treatment, at the department’s expense, of all your health care conditions whether war or service related or not.




White Card

‘DVA Health Card — Specific Conditions’ gives access to a range of public and private health care services for the treatment, at the department’s expense, of your disabilities and conditions accepted as war or service related.  Veterans of the ADF may also receive treatment for other specific conditions whether service related or not.  These include cancer (malignant neoplasm), pulmonary tuberculosis and any mental health condition.




Orange Card

‘DVA Health Card Pharmaceuticals Only’ gives access to subsidised pharmaceuticals and medicines under the Repatriation Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (RPBS). The Orange Card is issued to Commonwealth and allied veterans and mariners who meet the eligibility criteria.  This card is for pharmaceuticals only and cannot be used for any medical or other health care treatment.




Commonwealth Seniors Health Card

Available to eligible veterans, partners, and war widow(er)s who do not receive an income support pension from DVA or a pension or benefit from Centrelink and who meet an annual adjusted taxable income test.





Veteran Lapel Pin and Reservist Lapel Pin

The Veteran Lapel Pin and Reservist Lapel Pin provide a way for the public to recognise and connect with veterans and acknowledge their service to the nation. The pins will help identify veterans when they aren’t wearing their uniform or medals.

The pins will be available for distribution in the first half of 2019.



You may also be eligible for other concession cards through Centrelink (e.g. Pensioner Concession Card, Seniors Card).  Visit for more information and eligibility criteria.



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