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Hubdate February 2020

How digitally literate are you?

I have never been a very competent user of technology and I am always having to ask my kids how to use certain functions on my smart phone or how to use social media.

In this day and age, the use of technology is increasingly necessary for most of us to manage our day to day lives and there is greater pressure from government, banking and other agencies to use online services. For me the thought of using computers and technology is not one that brings with it great feelings of fear or anxiety, but for the more senior members of our society this can be an incredibility concerning thing to contemplate. Even the most basic gadgets can be incredibly confusing for some, even without all of the techno jargon of gigabytes, data, dot com, email, apps, JPEG files and the like.

An organisation formerly known as the Seniors Information Service, now known as the Catalyst Foundation, have been providing digital literacy services to the community for many years and have recently secured a DVA grant to provide this service to veterans. The Hub has been working together with Catalyst to roll out this project which has been named “Vets on the net”. The project has been formally launched in Adelaide and will be run through 4 local host organisations over a 12 week period commencing in March. The aim is to deliver technology training to members of these veteran organisations in order to introduce some of our senior veterans and even some of our younger vets to the digital world.

A group of volunteer instructors, comprised of mostly university students, will be trained to deliver the short educational sessions ranging from the very basics of tuning on your device for the first time to internet banking and online security. With very good student to instructor ratios, there will be plenty of opportunity for one on one time for those who have the need for it and ongoing support from each location following the completion of the training period.

The aim is to improve not only the digital literacy of participants but to also improve their confidence in using this technology and the internet safely and securely. The host organisations chosen to provide this training are the Plympton Glenelg RSL, RSL Care SA at Myrtlebank, Payneham RSL and Largs Bay RSL. Each organisation will offer the free training sessions to their members however there may be opportunity for veterans who live in close proximity to also access the training. If you are a member of the host RSL sub branch or this is something that interests you or someone you know please contact the host organisations and register your interest.

The success of this round of training may determine future training sessions, host organisations and locations and we look forward to getting vets on the net.


Justin Brown

Partnerships Hub Coordinator


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