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Pozieres Remembrance Association

Friday 9 January, 2015

The message  below is from the Pozieres Remembrance Association

As a Project for the Anzac Centenary, and as a tribute to the Australian soldiers who fought and died there, we – along with the Village of Pozieres, are planning to build a Memorial Park honouring these servicemen.

The site selected for the Memorial Park is the land located between the Water Tower at the north end of the Village of Pozierres and extending 30 metres past the Windmill site along the D929, and from D929 across to the Courcelette Road.

This is part of the land that Australia’s official War historian, Charles Bean, described as “’a site more densely sown with Australian sacrifice than any other place on earth”.  Our Park will provide a suitable memorial to those soldiers who fell at Pozieres, and in addition will protect this land into the future.

As part of the Park, it is intended to rebuild the historic Windmill, destroyed in the fighting in 1916.  It was not rebuilt at the end of the War, as this land was given to Australia for the site of the Windmill Memorial.

We are seeking the help of all Australians to make the Memorial Park a reality.  We are asking that you go to our web page read what we are trying to achieve, consider buying a brick for $50.00, and tell all your friends.

After purchase, please email with your name, address, reference you used for the purchase, and name to be placed on the brick.  Name and address is necessary to enable us to confirm your purchase and send you your receipt.

Bricks can either be purchased in your own name, the name of someone you would like to gift a brick to, or even In Memory of a loved one.

Your purchase of a brick will help make the Park a reality for the Centenary in 2016.

If you like what we are doing pass, please this information on to your friends and family, so they can also  join us in doing something worthwhile to suitably honour these Fallen Australian Servicemen.

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