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Veterans’ Mental Health Services, Including the Centre for Excellence for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Thursday 20 August, 2015

The Repatriation General Hospital was built for soldiers returning from the Second World War. The existing facilities, in particular the services currently provided in Ward 17, are housed in buildings that are unsuitable for a leading service.

Under the South Australian Government’s Transforming Health plan announced in March, 2015, a new $15 million Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Centre for Excellence was included to provide high-quality facilities to match our high-quality reputation as a leader in the delivery of mental health care to our veteran and service community.

An expert advisory panel including veteran representatives, clinicians, consumers and carers was established to advise government about the model of care required and a location for mental health services for veterans. The panel has recommended Glenside Health Services Campus as the site for the new $15 million veteran mental health precinct, including the Centre for Excellence for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and I have accepted their recommendation.

The panel assessed a number of locations based on specific criteria before recommending Glenside Health Service Campus as the best location for veteran mental health services in South Australia. Glenside Health Service Campus is centrally located, can provide a private, low-stimulus environment and has car parking, public transport links and access to recreational, community and garden spaces, as well as other on-site inpatient care.

The panel advised that this location also presents the opportunity to develop a multi–use facility that could act as a dedicated veterans’ health services hub. Potential partnerships will be explored with Commonwealth and non-Government organisations to develop a ‘one-stop-shop’ for veterans.

A portion of the Glenside Health Service Campus will be dedicated to veterans’ 1nental health services. It will also be renamed and have a separate access point to the main campus to provide a distinct area for veterans.

The panel’s report is available on the Transforming Health website HERE.¬†

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