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Valuing our Veteran Community

Friday 11 September, 2015

Source: Veterans SA

Valuing our Veterans – Community Data Collection Project

A state government project seeking to establish a process for collecting data on use of identified state government services, such as health, mental health, correctional services, social inclusion (homelessness), emergency services and education by South Australia’s veterans and their families, is in the detailed planning stage.

The 90 Day Change Project with a working title of ‘Valuing our Veterans’ was noted by State Cabinet on 22 June 2015, and will commence on 21 September, 2015.  The project proposes to establish a streamlined data collection process that will be collated centrally by Veterans SA.

The desired outcome is to deliver a better understanding of the needs of veterans and enable more efficient services to be delivered to the veteran community as a result of evidence based decision making for government resource allocation.

The project is a joint initiative of the Minister for Veterans’ Affairs, the Hon Martin Hamilton-Smith MP, and the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Health, Ms Leesa Vlahos MP.  A project team has been established consisting of:

  • Paul Sykes                                       Veterans SA
  • Juan Legaspi                                  Office of Leesa Vlahos MP
  • David Everitt                                  Veterans’ Advisory Council
  • Maria Barclay                                 RSL (SA)
  • Justin Brown                                  Soldier On
  • Margie Gutteridge                      Commonwealth DVA

For further information about the Valuing our Veteran Community Data Collection Project please contact Paul Sykes on 8226 8552 or email


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