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Message to the Veteran & Defence Community from the Veterans’ Health Advisory Council (VHAC) regarding the Jamie Larcombe Centre (JLC)

Tuesday 3 September, 2019

Mr Geoff Tattersall, Presiding Member of the Veterans’ Health Advisory Council (VHAC) has provided the following letter in response to an article published on Sunday 1 September, 2019 regarding the Jamie Larcombe Centre (JLC):


To the Veteran and Defence Community

I write on behalf of the Veterans Health Advisory Council (VHAC) regarding a Sunday Mail article about the Jamie Larcombe Centre (JLC). We know that such articles can cause distress to the veteran community and urge that veterans not be discouraged from seeking assistance from JLC when they feel they need help.

VHAC is an advisory body established to advise the state Minister of Health and Wellbeing on veteran health matters. Its membership includes veterans, current and former defence force personnel, partners and health professionals. All are unpaid volunteers. A key area of interest for VHAC is veteran mental health and therefore the JLC.

VHAC does not and should not know the specific circumstances of the individuals referred to in the article (or any other client of the JLC) but is well aware that veterans and those closest to them have overwhelmingly given very favourable and formal feedback and praise to the JLC for the care they have received. VHAC is also aware of positive feedback by independent bodies on the quality of care and consumer feedback about JLC.

It is evident that the expectations of some clients have not been met which can be expected for any service but the evidence is clear that these are very much in the minority and where those cases are known there are mechanisms in place to address realistic concerns. If clients do not feel their concerns are being properly considered they should contact the Veteran’s Health Advocate who can assist (contact details are available from JLC).

VHAC is confident that JLC provides a high quality service that is well regarded by the large majority of its clients. Veterans in need of assistance should not compromise their health by being discouraged from being referred to the JLC.


Yours Sincerely

Geoff Tattersall

Presiding Member

Veterans Health Advisory Council


2 September 2019


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