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Friday 13 September, 2019

An antioxidant is any compound which protects against damage caused by free radicals. A diet high in antioxidants can reduce risk of developing diseases such as heart disease, cancer, eye disease, type-2 diabetes and neurodegenerative diseases.

Antioxidants are abundant in a number of whole foods, below is a list of common antioxidants and where to find them. Try to include several different antioxidants at each meal!

  • Vitamin A: liver, mackerel, cheese, eggs
  • Vitamin C: blackcurrant, broccoli, oranges, capsicum
  • Vitamin E: nuts and seeds particularly almonds and sunflower seeds, vegetable oils
  • Selenium: eggs, beans, legumes, seafood, lean meats
  • Copper: seafood, nuts and seeds, liver
  • Manganese: nuts including almonds and pecans, oats, brown rice
  • Zinc: seafood, meat, seeds, beans, legumes
  • Lycopene: tomato, capsicum, guava, watermelon
  • Lutein: spinach, kale, squash, peas, corn
  • Beta-carotene: sweet potato, spinach, rockmelon, apricots
  • Allium sulphur compounds: onions, garlic, leek, shallots
  • Catechins: tea, cocoa, berries, apples, red wine
  • Anthocyanins: berries, red cabbage, radish, purple sweet potato
  • Flavonoids: citrus fruit, tea, berries, legumes
  • Isoflavonoids: legumes, chickpeas, nuts, tofu
  • Indoles: broccoli, cauliflower, Brussel’s sprouts, cabbage
  • Lignans: seeds, oats, wheat, beans
  • Polyphenols: herbs including oregano, basil, parsley, spices such as ginger, cumin, cinnamon
  • Bromelain: pineapples, papaya, kiwifruit

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Fuel Your Life is a nation-wide Dietetic company focusing on Veteran health and nutrition. We have specific Veteran nutrition programs which are bulk-billed for Gold and White card holders and offer in clinic or home visits. Areas we can assist with include weight management, type-2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure or cholesterol, irritable bowel syndrome and irritable bowel disease, sports nutrition, mental health and pain management.

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