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If you have been successful in your application and you are offered a position, well done!  Your hard work and preparation has paid off. 

The employer may call you to verbally advise that you have been successful and this should always be followed up by a confirmation in writing shortly after.  There may be some information that is negotiated (e.g. salary) before a formal offer is submitted to you.  It is not unreasonable to request a short period of time to consider the offer before formally accepting.

Following your acceptance of the offer, the employer will usually determine a commencement date in consultation with you and then a formal employment contract will be submitted to you for signing.  The employment contract will outline the terms of your employment including salary package, hours of work, contract term (if applicable) and entitlements.  It may also be accompanied by a position description containing Key Point Indicators (KPI’s) for the role.  If you have any concerns about the information contained in the contract, now is the time to raise them with the employer.

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