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Seminar: Military Service and Criminal Offending

Friday 18 October, 2019
1.00pm - 2.00pm
Piper Alderman Moot Court, Adelaide Law School
North Tce

Presenters: Kellie Toole and Dr Elaine Waddell


In 2019, the South Australian Department for Correctional Services (DCS) undertook the first audit of an Australian prison population designed to systematically identify prisoners who had previously served in the military. The data showed that ex-service people (mostly men) are imprisoned at approximately twice the rate of the general population. This figure is consistent with data from the US, the UK and Canada.


While the over-representation of veterans in criminal justice systems is clear, its causes are complex and varied, and have never been explored in the Australian context.


Kellie Toole and Elaine Waddell, with the assistance of DCS, are investigating the relationship between Australian military service and criminal offending by interviewing South Australian prisoners who have served in the Australian Defence Force. They aim to influence military recruitment strategy and corrections policy to reduce criminal offending and incarceration among military and ex-military personnel. This seminar discusses the preliminary themes emerging as reasons for the significant over-representation of ex-service personnel in prisons.


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