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Tumby Bay RSL Sub-branch Centenary Celebrations

Friday 07 - Sunday 09 February, 2020
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Lipson Rd
Tumby Bay
0404 500 296

The Tumby Bay RSL Sub-branch will hold a number of activities to celebrate their centenary anniversary.


Centenary celebrations:

  • Friday night 07 Feb 2020, a BBQ tea 6.30 p.m. (1830), meet and greet.
  • Saturday 08 Feb 2020,  midday 1159 a.m., a street parade followed by a static display on the town oval.
  • Saturday 08 Feb 2020,  6.30 p.m. (1830) a dinner dance with the Army Band.
  • Sunday  09 Feb 2020,   1159 a.m. Past Presidents and past Secretaries Dinner, (next of kin), with members of the club.


A brief history of the sub-branch:

According to records held at RSLSA HQ, Tumby Bay RSL Sub-Branch was given the Charter on 16/10/1919.

Formation – First meeting was held in the Lipson Hall on the 29 Dec 1919. Present were C.G. Duke, J. Brown, T. Elliott, H. Tilly, C.J. Stewart, F. Eagle, R. Eagle, F. Bawden, S.L. Bates, C. Bates and D.B. Excell.

Next meeting on 07 Feb 1920, elected the first President, Mr S.L. Bates and the first Secretary, Mr D.B. Excell. Membership 32.

On 11 July 1925, it was decided to erect a Memorial Monument on the sea front in Tumby Bay. This was completed and unveiled on the Kings Birthday, 07 June 1926, by the President, Dr. Brian Wibberley. Cost of this was 200 pounds, approx. $400.00.

At meeting held Jan 1944, it was proposed to erect clubrooms in Tumby Bay.  Mr J.T. Mortlock donated block 47, free of encumbrance and also 100 pounds, approx. $200.00.

26 Feb 1945, the Tumby Bay RSL Sub-Branch was incorporated.

Building committee formed Feb 1946.

March 1946 a petition was presented to the Government for land known as Yalluna and Waratta Vale Stations, be considered for Solders Settlement.

 In 1949, the estate of Mr J.T. Mortlock, comprising of Yalluna and Waratta Vale Stations were sub-divided for Solders Settlement.

End 1950, the foundations for the clubrooms were poured.  ANZAC Day 1951, Mr C. Schramm laid the Foundation Stone.

Beginning of May 1953, the building was completed. Mr T.C. Eastwick, State President of RSL SA, officially opened the new clubrooms.

205 members and visitors were entertained at this function.  4,000 pounds, approx $8000.00 was owing. This was paid by 1955.

Annual Dinners have been held each year, catered for by the Ladies Auxillary.

Inter-branch sports were held in the new clubrooms, darts and table tennis teams formed.

Annual Balls were held until approx. 1972.

New Year Eve Cabaret/dance have been held annually.

25 September 1962, a Debutante Ball was held, with the Debutantes being received by His Excellency the Governor Sir Eric and Lady Bastyan. Debutante Balls continued until 1972.

A delegation of 8 New Zealand ex-Servicemen visited the Sub-Branch for the ANZAC Memorial Service, this being held each year until 1976, when it was replaced by the current Dawn Service.

The Tumby Bay RSL Sub-Branch continues to support ex-Service personnel and their families and is an integral part of the community, being used as a catering centre to support civil disasters.

The club has darts and 8 ball teams, has teas each Friday night.

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