World War II Pilots up in the sky again

On Sunday the 29th of March 2014, Veterans SA held an reunion for Twenty One of South Australians finest World War II RAAF Veterans at the Hindmarsh Island International Airfield near Goolwa.  These RAAF Veterans all over 90 had fought in almost every theater of World War II. Amoungst them were former pilots that had been shot down , wounded, prisoners of war. Many of these men hold medals of Gallantry for the amazing actions they under took during the war including the Legion of Honour and Distinguished Flying Cross.

The World War II veterans were “keen as mustard” but as you would imagine the tongue in cheek order “Scramble” did not solicit quite the reaction it might have seventy years ago and climbing onto the wing and into the cockpit was something of a challenge for most. Some of these gentlemen even wore their original googles and flying helmets.

Veterans SA was privileged to host the event courtesy of the Minister for Veterans’ Affairs, the Hon Zoe Bettison MP.