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Expressions of Interest – Rostrum Communication Workshops

Wednesday 18 March, 2020

Rostrum are seeking expressions of interest in programs for veterans that include effective communication workshops. These workshops can be tailored to group or individual needs but essentially the organisation is providing training in effective interview and communication skills. At this stage they are seeking registrations of interest (please see the details below).





COMMUNICATING WITH CONFIDENCE (session of 2 hours) objectives include:

  • Explore knowledge and skills needed to communicate confidently and effectively to groups
  • Prepare and deliver presentations – with preparation time and at short notice
  • Share resources to support future development

Learn the secrets of Effective Communication quickly and easily. Find out the skills and techniques needed to help you present confidently and with passion.  Learn how to respond even when you don’t have much time to prepare.


HOW TO WIN YOUR NEXT JOB (session of 2 hours) objectives include:

  • Explore knowledge and skills needed to prepare for an interview to improve success rate
  • Recognise the value of relevant skills gained from service life
  • Prepare and deliver responses to typical interview questions

You’ve been offered a job interview.  Great news!  Find out how to help the interviewer choose you as the best candidate for the position.  Learn how to present your knowledge, skills and experiences effectively, with courage and clarity. 


Please send expression of interest to the below:

CONTACTS:     Gabriela Proc, 0408 816 762, or Richard Geyer, 0429 314 661,                 

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