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Shared Community Conversations


This information series will be an exploration into issues, topics and discussions which educate, inform and inspire collective and collaborative learnings across the South Australian community.

The topics which will be discussed will have direct implications for the veteran community but will focus more broadly on how those connections can be supported in the wider South Australian community and can prove useful in shared partnerships.

Through this conversation series Veterans SA will bring community leaders together to share knowledge and best practices to ensure the vitality and continuation of our shared community for generations to come.

These sessions will be on the last Tuesday of the month.


In April our community conversation will be focused on a discussion about the current veteran support ecosystem in South Australia and how the Veterans Wellbeing Centre, Partnership Hub and Torrens fit together.

It will be a panel discussion between Veterans SA, SA Health and the Department of Environment and Water and will examine how the Partnerships Hub, Torrens Parade Ground and the new Veteran Wellbeing Centre will work in collaboration to support the work of the ex-service community.

Click here to register to attend in person or via live stream today.


In March our Community Conversations topic was Transition and Employment. See below to view the on demand recording. 

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