Each year, the Australian Federal and State Governments allocate grant funding to support projects and initiatives that commemorate the involvement of all men and women who have served for Australia in wars, conflicts and peace-keeping operations.

State Grant Funding

Anzac Day Commemoration Fund: providing $100,000 each year to support projects that are aimed at educating the South Australian community about the significance of Anzac Day and/or commemorating our nation’s military heritage. This may include events, exhibitions, research, community education activities or the restoration of memorials.

Federal Grant Funding

  1. Veteran & Community Grants
  2. Building Excellence in Support & Training Grants
  3. Grants-In-Aid
  4. Long Tan Bursary
  5. Saluting Their Service Commemorative Grants Program
    1. Community Commemorative Grants (CCG)
    2. Major Commemorative Grants (MCG).
  6. Supporting Younger Veterans Grants Program