The demand is increasing within defence industry for Australian workers with trade, technical and science and technology skills.

The skills and knowledge gained through service in the Australian Defence Force are invaluable and can be transferred to a wide range of jobs within defence industry. There are a number of programs and courses in place to help you find suitable career paths within defence industry and transition into a civilian role.

Known as the Defence State, South Australia is home to a critical mass of world-class industry including leading global defence companies and a thriving network of SMEs, who are delivering many of Australia’s largest and most complex Defence projects.

The state’s strengths lie in naval shipbuilding, research and development, cyber and systems, intelligence including surveillance, reconnaissance and electronic warfare capabilities.

South Australia is already home to more than 100 space-related organisations, and the industry is continuing on its upward trajectory cementing its position as the nation’s centre-of-gravity for space activity.

Careers in the space industry are so much more than astronauts and rocket scientists. There are a variety of exciting roles within the South Australian space industry, many of which require the disciplines and skills gained through service.

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