Those who have been a part of the Defence community as a serving member or as the partner or family member, have a shared, unique experience that is often misunderstood as a negative experience by the wider community.

The fact is, those who have service experience, no matter how that looks, are valuable assets to any community. Likewise, those who have supported them through their service have their own unique skills and experience to offer.

Veterans SA has made a commitment through its Strategic Outlook to demonstrate that current and former service people – and their families – continue to serve at work and in the community every day.

Looking forward, we want the wider community to have a better understanding of what service and defence life looks like so that better support can be provided to the member, their partner, children and extended family.

We want to ensure that the valuable knowledge and skills possessed by former service people is widely understood by employers across the country, so that service experience is seen as an asset during recruitment activities.

By educating the wider community of the value of service and defence experience, Veterans SA is helping to build a supportive and inclusive South Australia, where service people and their families feel understood and supported.

Helpful Information

If you would like to learn more about the experience and skills that former ADF members and their families can offer, or want to better understand defence life, the below resources may help you.

Additional Resources: