What is Veterans SA?

Veterans SA is a South Australian Government agency dedicated to providing support for current and former serving Australian Defence Force members and their families in the state.

As the lead advocate across the South Australian Government on matters relating to the veteran community, Veterans SA works with Defence networks, ex-service organisations, civic groups and the wider community to provide support when and where it is needed most.

Veterans SA also plays a key role in sharing information about services, programs and opportunities that are available in South Australia to those who have served in the Australian Defence Force and their families.

The agency is committed to empowering current and former serving members to build a confident, forward-thinking community, whilst striving to achieve widespread awareness that veterans and their families are valuable, not vulnerable.

Our vision is for a strong, vibrant, well-supported and represented community that is inclusive of all generations and is understood and acknowledged by all South Australians.

The Veterans’ Advisory Council

The Veterans’ Advisory Council (VAC) was established in April 2008 to promote the well-being of South Australian veterans. It provides advice to the South Australian Government about matters concerning the veteran community.

Currently chaired by COL Robert Manton, the Council’s membership is made of individuals from the South Australian veteran community as well as representatives from the Royal Australian Navy, Australian Army and Royal Australian Air Force.

The 2023 VAC membership was announced by the Minister on 2 December 2022. 

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