The South Australian Government has developed a number of resources to assist transitioning ADF personnel find rewarding job opportunities in civilian careers.

Transitioning Defence Force personnel have found challenges in translating their military skills and experience into a civilian job recruitment context, especially those military roles that don’t have a direct civilian equivalent. Similarly, human resources personnel and recruiters can find it difficult to determine how skills gained through military service can be of benefit in the civilian workplace.

The Military Rank to Grade guides can assist both transitioning ADF personnel and human resource experts by connecting skills gained through service to civilian roles, supporting better outcomes for veterans applying for jobs.

South Australian Public Sector Military Rank to Grade Guide

The South Australian Public Sector Military Rank to Grade Guide provides an official guide for South Australian Government HR staff to help better understand how military ranks can be compared to public sector classifications. It also highlights the skills and attributes someone with military service can bring to the Public Sector.

The guide was developed by the Office for the Commissioner for Public Sector Employment in collaboration with Veterans SA and was officially launched in August 2021.

Military Technical Rank to Grade Guide

An Australian first, the Military Technical Rank to Grade Guide for Royal Australian Infantry Corps and Royal Australian Navy Logistics is an initiative of the South Australian Government to assist with the translation of military skills to civilian job roles.

The Guide can be used as a support tool by people transitioning out of the Royal Australian Navy (from Logistics) or the Australian Army (from the Royal Australian Infantry Corps). It can also help employers who are looking to recruit former serving personnel. It identifies the base level of skills expected at a recognised rank or completion of a recognised training course.

The Guide was developed through comprehensive analysis of ADF Learning Management Packages and significant input from practitioners. It highlights that the skills and proficiencies identified through infantry and ordnance roles are transferable to the private and public sector across a variety of occupations. This includes:

  • Operations officer
  • Business manager
  • Landscape construction worker
  • Plant operator
  • Courier driver
  • Medical receptionist
  • Procurement manager