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And Their Ghosts May Be Heard

Monday 18 October, 2010

And Their Ghosts May Be Heard premiered at the 2010 Adelaide Fringe Festival and subsequently toured South Australian high schools, art councils and festivals.

The performance included a scene about Gallipoli and Anzac Day which comprised a first-hand account of a soldier’s experience from AB Facey’s “A Fortunate Life” intercut with Eric Bogle’s song “And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda”, followed by a rendition of “The Last Post” played on a mouth organ and a short speech from Alan Seymour’s play “The One Day of the Year”. This scene proved to be particularly poignant and moving for the audience.

And Their Ghosts May Be Heard also included songs, ballad and historic scenes giving the audience a sense of Australia’s unique history and cultural heritage.

The touring of this 50 minute performance to South Australian secondary schools aimed to enhance the understanding of the importance of Anzac Day to Australia’s cultural heritage and history among teenagers.

A discussion session was held after each performance and the audience members were encouraged to ask questions and explore the subject in more depth.

And Their Ghosts May Be Heard was very well received by the 1337 students who attended the performances throughout 10 different locations. The students who attended the show said they gained a greater awareness of the situation faced by Australian’s at Gallipoli and understanding of the significance of Anzac Day in Australia’s history.


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