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Anzac Day Commemoration in Gawler

Monday 24 October, 2011


The town of Gawler increased the profile of Anzac commemorations and recognised the contribution made by Australia’s ex-servicemen and women through the manufacture and installation of several banners within the Main Street precinct.

The banners were displayed in five separate highly prominent public locations throughout Gawler for two weeks and included six portrait banners, one cross street banner and five retractable banners.

Through the installation of the various banners, the township of Gawler was able to promote greater awareness of Anzac Day and Australia’s military heritage. The visual displays tell a different Anzac story on each banner and are designed to educate the community about the significance of Anzac Day and how the Gawler community can commemorate this important event.

The project involved the collaboration of a number of organisations including: local government, the Gawler Library, Gawler RSL and the History Trust to ensure the content and images for the banners was suitable and correct.

The banners will be used every year in the weeks leading up to Anzac Day in variety of locations to continue to deliver the Anzac message. They will also be used collectively at special community events.



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