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Our Ordinary Heroes

Tuesday 3 January, 2012

For a six week period, South Australian radio station 1197am RPH (Radio for the Print Handicapped) Adelaide Inc. ran a program called, “Our Ordinary Heroes”. The program covered conflicts from World War One to present day and contained 21 interviews of local South Australian soldiers and returned veterans. Our Ordinary Heroes also included poems from novels and poems written by South Australian ex-servicemen.

The program was hosted by a Vietnam Veteran volunteer and captured stories that had not been told or were not widely known.

Our Ordinary Heroes was designed to educate RPH listeners about the significance of Anzac Day and commemorate our military history through the telling of historical and contemporary stories from local ex-servicemen and women.

RPH collaborated with representatives from the RSL, Vietnam Veterans and Army Museum of South Australia to deliver the program. Listener feedback regarding Our Ordinary Heroes was positive and large sections of the RPH audience were particularly resonant.

Our Ordinary Heroes was made possible through the support of the Government of South Australia Anzac Day Commemoration Council.

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