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Restoration of Harefield Flag (World War I Union Jack)

Sunday 21 November, 2010

The Harefield Flag was presented to the schoolchildren of South Australia in 1920 by the Headmaster of Harefield Council School, Harefield, England in recognition of significant war efforts by the students in South Australia for providing food parcels for children in England during World War I.

The flag, which belonged to the local school, was used to drape the casket of Australian Soldiers who died in the Australian Military Hospital, Harefield. The flag-draped casket was part of a ceremonial cortege that passed down the main street of the village of Harefield to the final burial place in the Australian burial ground at the Harefield village church.

The flag hung in Price Hall at Adelaide High School until the amalgamation of Adelaide Girls’ and Adelaide Boys’ High Schools, when it was transferred to the Honour Roll Foyer at Adelaide High School, West Terrace.

Over the years the condition of the flag had deteriorated. With the assistance of the Anzac Day Commemoration Fund the Adelaide High School was able to have the flag restored. Since the restoration there has been great interest in the flag and its history.



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