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Virtual War Memorial

Friday 20 June, 2014

The Virtual War Memorial  is a ground breaking website that has the capacity to harvest and integrate historical, community and personal information about South Australian men and women, from a range of sources. The website aims to deliver a compelling account of the service and sacrifice these men and women have made for our nation in global conflicts.

The scope of the website is broad, the intention being to capture details of South Australian men and women who serviced in conflicts from the Boer War to Afghanistan. The Virtual War Memorial brings together official records of many kinds with treasured family material to ensure our heritage is not lost.

It commemorates the lives of those who fought and died and those who fought and returned home. It also commemorates those veterans who have passed away since their services and those who are still with and from whom we can learn so much.

The Virtual War Memorial has four key foundation principles:

  1. Education – local context for school students studying under the National Curriculum
  2. Commemoration – give greater depth of meaning to our memorial infrastructure.
  3. Community Engagement – crowd sourcing of community family and personal information, and
  4. Accessibility – connect 24/7 anywhere with internet access via mobile devices

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