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Understanding Anzac Day

Monday 8 October, 2012

Chinese Welfare services of SA educated the Chinese-Australian community about the significance of Anzac Day and recognised Australia’s military heritage through a series of workshops, ethnic school education sessions and articles written for local Chinese newspapers.

Workshops were held at a community centre in late March 2013 with 120 senior and new migrants in attendance. The attendees were presented with information regarding Anzac Day and the importance to commemorate the sacrifice Australian’s made during World War One.

In addition to the workshops, two more Anzac Day information sessions were conducted at the Chinese School of SA and Chinese School of Chinese Welfare Services of SA. These sessions were attended by approximately 100 children and 100 parents from the young family and the skilled and professional migrants. The sessions focussed on values, democracy, mateships and a ‘fairgo’ and the importance of the meaning of Anzac Day being passed on to next generations in the Chinese Australian family.

Finally, two articles were published in local Chinese newspapers outlining the significance of Anzac Day, the symbolism of the Red Poppies and Remembrance Day. Chinese community radio also broadcast these articles a week before Anzac Day.

This South Australian Government funded project was a great success, Chinese migrant families are now able to talk about Anzac Day with enthusiasm. They now can appreciate the sacrifice and service of Australian’s ex-servicemen and women and importance of commemorating Australia’s military service.



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