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“Bangka Strait” written by Keith Shegog

Thursday 13 February, 2020


“Bangka Strait” written by Keith Shegog


February Fourteen, Bangka Strait, nineteen forty two

This day we remember the chosen few

A sinking ship, a prayer to Him

Survivors face a ten mile swim.

Australian Nurses, serving with A.G.H


Rally together, through bodies do ache

Helping the others, they make for shore

For those that strayed, they could do no more

Through the night, no reason to rejoice

On reaching shore there is little choice

Surrender, what else can be done

None could imagine the massacre to come.


Twenty two nurses marched into the sea

Sounds of gun fire, a prayer to Thee

One survived the final test

Twenty one more find eternal rest.

 So remember, those the Good Lord took

 Their journey began with the sinking of the Vyner Brooke


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