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Violet Day: World War I — South Australia

Monday 22 June, 2015

While we often hear of the sacrifices of the men and women (diggers) who enlisted in World War I, the role of the women who were left behind is less familiar. These women supported their sons, husbands and fathers by preparing parcels of comforts, by caring for the wounded returned soldiers and by fund raising for a number of causes associated with the war.

Fund raising days were held for the Belgian Relief Fund, the French Red Cross, the Trench Comforts Fund and the Anzac Hospitality Appeal — to name just a few. These patriotic efforts were to raise over £200,000 during the war. A major organisation devoted to support the war was the Cheer-up Society which provided the Cheer-up Hut, a home-away-from-home to entertain new recruits and convalescent returned soldiers.

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